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Fit India Movement

In connection with "Fit India School Week Celebration" various activities like Yoga, Mass Drill, Traditional games (Hopping, Kabaddi etc.), Campaign on Nutritious food, Poster making competition, Lectures regarding Fitness etc. were organized in our school.

Day 1:  12.11.2019

Surya Namaskar, one of the basic yoga practices, holds a lot of significance in the yoga world, was performed by the students in the morning assembly to ensure being healthy and to develop their physical & mental health.

IX std students were deputed to inculcate Nutritional value among the young students. During lunch hour, the students moved to various classes insisting the young children to have nutritious food and the output of taking such food was also initiated. As a part of this students prepared nutritious  food without  fire and displayed it in the class.


Day 2 : 13.11.2019

Students ranging from all the levels, performed Free hand exercise to warm up their muscles and to instill coordination.

Our students participated in a club activity with the complete zest and zeal, enrolling themselves to know the importance of cleanliness.


Day 3 : 14.11.2019

Poster making competition was announced on the topic “ Fit Body, Fit Mind, Fit Environment.” The response was highly an appreciable one.

Day 4 :  15.11.2019

Students invariably of all the levels engage themselves, pursuing with their interests in various sports and games like Mallakhamb, Karate, Silambam, Kabbadi, Athletics, Volley ball etc

Children of class XI Std have been assigned to take a good care of the roof top gardening. They allocate themselves in groups to take prime care of their plants.


Day 5  :  19.11.2019

“Kreeda Bharati Online Sports quiz” is going to be held on 01.12.2019, in accordance with “Fit India Week” for the students which make them know more about Sports knowledge.   More than 500 students have registered for the same.

We have conducted  Various activities like running race, building blocks for tiny tots to mould their mental and physical health.


Day 6 : 20.11.2019

We feel immensely proud to be a part of IMCTF in conducting Traditional games of Tamil Nadu like Kallangal, Bambaram, Dayakattai, Nondi, Silambam,  etc.

As a part of ‘EK Bharath, Shreshtha Bharat” the indigenous games of Jammu and Kashmir viz. Bante (Marbles) and Saz Lounge (Hopping Game) was taken up as our school is located in Tamil Nadu.  Children enjoyed these games well.

The Yoga camp was conducted for the teachers from 19th November 2019 to 23rd November 2019 in our School premises.  It was an interesting camp where the teachers learnt the significance of Yoga. The participants were highly benefitted. A lecture about “Physical Fitness” by Mananeeya Sthanumoorthi,  Organizing Secretary, All India Vidya Bharati was highly praised by all.



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